Adam Hendershott

Adam has been acting since the age of six and has guest starred on TV shows dating back to Roseanne and Doogie Howser, MD. Recently he has had guest starring and recurring roles on Gilmore Girls, Nip/Tuck, Veronica Mars and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation as well as national commercial success.
Danielle Taddei

Danielle was born and raised in Chicago where she got her acting bug at an early age training at the Piven Theater in Evanston. She has a B.F.A in acting from The Theatre school at DePaul University where she graduated with Honors.  Before moving to Hollywood, Danielle made her mark on the Chicago professional theater scene where she had the privilege of working with directors from the Goodman Theater, performing with the Improv troupe at the Piven Theater, and working with the Illinois Theater Center. With large hypnotic eyes, and a decided doll-like quality, she has been compared to an imp, but she also has an unnerving poise. Danielle has starred in the feature film "The Worx," the short film "The Psychology of Dream Analysis" directed by Rian Johnson the winner of "Best innovated idea" at Sundance, and a few other award winning short films. Danielle can be seen in a few episodes of Everybody Hates Chris where she had the honor of working with Chris Rock, Ali Leroi, Debbie Reynolds, and Jason Alexander. Danielle also has enjoyed commercial success in advertisements for Ford, Verizon, Checkers, Blockbuster and Uncle Ben's.

She is one of the founding members of  the Los Angeles based "Because It's There Theatre Collaboration" as well as having her own venture "The Birdcage" where she encourages actors to come together and voice the words/characters of writers.

When she is not acting, she is on the look out for fashionable people with a designer wardrobe for her designer consignment boutique, Couture Zen.
Jackie Page

Jackie was born and raised in Detroit Michigan where she studied marine biology, theater and acting before moving to LA where she continued her acting studies with Bobbie Shaw Chance, Margie Habor, The Groundlings and has taken voice classes with Caroll Day Kimble. Jackie has been featured in national commercials as well as performing the lead in the original play "Tougher than Grace," a Southern Goth/Anti-Musical that ran for 9 months at the king King Theater in Hollywood.

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